Privacy Policy

SYZE.CO presents its privacy policies quite straight forwardly. SYZE.CO always keeps the privacy of its customers. We never share any client’s or visitor’s personal information. Please read the following text for better understanding the Privacy Policies of SYZE.CO.

Subscriber information

We only require personal information of the user only when he/she voluntarily provides it. Such information may include the name, email address and personal address of the user. We don’t require any personal information when a personal requests a tax invoice in his name. We may contact our valuable customers via the subscribers’ information. Therefore, the customers should provide valid username, password and email address.

Consent and Security requires the subscriber information of the user to provide better services. However, user has the choice for providing such information. He is not bound to provide us his personal information.

Subscriber Performance Data Privacy keeps the privacy of subscribers to the maximum level possible. Keep in mind that none of the’s Team, Employees or contractors will ever reveal the subscribers’ personal information to any third party at any cost. All of our staff members and associates are bound by strict policies for not taking part in the revelation of any personal information.

Use of Subscriber information may use the personal information of the subscribers for offering better services to its visitors/customers. We may use such information for payment processing and for informing customers/subscribers about any changes made in the site. may send emails to user provided email addresses. We may send emails for confirming the orders, to inform about any new services, promotions or products. We may only reveal the information for helping the law in solving any crime. Otherwise, we’ll never do so and customers can trust us completely.

Usage Information

Usage information comprises of the info that doesn’t identifies one’s self. Such information is collected when a user visits the site. It includes OS of the System, Browser and IP address.

Use of Usage Information may only reveal the usage information of any user within itself or to any third party. We do so only when required. We may do so for improving the site’s services and for better understanding a user’s taste. With such information, we can improve the site’s content and boost our advertisement programs. We can know on which part of the site, the user stays most.

Cookies sometimes places a text file in the browser of a user’s computer. This file is called Cookies. The Cookies are required to store user’s personal data or modifications made to the site. Cookies don’t possess any usage or personal information. You can enable or disable the Cookies file from your Browser.

Effective Data

These Privacy Policies are effective as of 1st of January 2011 and will be effective unless makes any modifications. can make modifications to these Privacy Policies any time without notifying and such modifications shall be effective right after their uploading on the site.

Contacting the Website

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or query about this privacy policies statement or any other matter. Team will try to respond as soon as possible.