Terms and Conditions


Terms of Use for SYZE.CO

Here are the terms and conditions that will govern users’ use to this site. By visiting the site, you agree that your use to Syze.co is subjected to these terms and conditions.

The term and conditions may change

Syze.co reserves the right to alter, modify or change these terms and conditions any time without giving any prior notice. The changes in such terms and conditions will be effective right from the date these are made. We will notify the customer about such changes by sending them an email or by posting a heading on the site.

Prices and orders

After an order’s placement, Syze.co will add the shipment charges with the product’s price. Syze.co has the right to change any product’s specifications or discontinue any product completely. The products listed on the site will last only as long the stock lasts. No customer becomes liable for claiming the warranty just by the description and reference of the product. We can accept or reject any customer’s order even if the payment has been received. If we found that any product has wrong price tag, we can cancel the order even after the order confirmation.


The content found on Syze.co can contain errors and omissions. The content contains stuff like images, logos, banners, templates, texts and descriptions of products. We don’t allow any person to use, modify, change, sell, copy or license the content of Syze.co. All of our content found on the site is secured under service marks, patented rights, copyrights and trademarks owned by Syze.co.


We reserve the right to terminate the website “Syze.co” any time without any prior notice. We can terminate any user’s/visitor’s use to the site without notifying the reason for doing so.


We respect user’s feedback, but there are some terms that should be kept in mind in this regard. Any comment, message, idea, feedback, note, review or suggestion sent to Syze.co shall remain the sole property of our site. A user shouldn’t send us any message/comment that can be found on any other site too. We may disclose any user sent comment/message without any restriction. Remember that Syze.co can do so for making improvements to the site.

Correction of Errors and Inaccuracies

The content and other information found on the site is not 100% accurate and error free. We can correct or remove false or incorrect information anytime. Such errors may be related to price, description or availability of the product.

Your Account

The customer or user is responsible himself for maintaining his account’s privacy and security. He will be responsible all kinds of activities happening under his username and password. Minors should only use Syze.co if any guardian is present near him at the time of browsing the site.


These terms and conditions are made under the UK laws. Every deal is made under these terms and conditions. It should be kept in mind that these terms and conditions contain all the other agreements between the other parties and Syze.co.


We try to dispatch all in-stock items within 24 hours from the time of order. If any item isn’t in stock, we’ll inform you immediately and will also mention the time about when the item will be in-stock again. Delivery of a product normally takes 14 days from the date of order.

Delivery Charges

  • Delivery charges are different and depend on the order. However, we charge £3 for each product and £14 on each order.
  • Delivery charges outside the EU are £4.99, irrespective of order value.

Method of Delivery

We dispatch all orders via Royal Mail which is super-fast and economical way of delivery. We can change the method of Delivery anytime. We will always choose the method that will suit most to the customer’s requirements.

Delivery Errors

Any kind of shortages, breakages, non-deliveries or discrepancies must be informed within 3 working days from the date of order’s receipt.